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Product Name: BONOREX 300 Inj.
Description: Clear, colorless to pale yellow solution in a colorless vial
Composition: Each 1mL contains Iohexol(USP) 647mg(As Iodine 300mg)
Efficacy: myelography, angiography, urography, CT-enhancement
Dosage and Administration:
The dosages vary depending on the type of examination, age, weight, cardiac output and general 
condition of the patient and the technique used. The following dosages may serve as a guide.
1. Angiocardiography:
   -left ventricle and aortic root injection: adults 45~60ml
   -selective coronary arteriegraphy: adolts 1.5~8ml
   -repearedly injection: up to 250ml
   children: 4-6ml/kg, depending on age, weight and pathology.
2. Aortography and limb: adults 30-60ml, up to 250ml, average 40ml
3. Urography:
   adults(average weight): 40-80ml, depending on weight and kidney condition, commonly 60ml
4. CT-enhancement: adults 100-150ml
Packing Unit: 10, 50, 85, 100, 130, 150(V), 500,1000(P) mL
Storage: Preserve in hermetic containers, protected from light, Store at room temperature not exceeding 30℃